Commercial Bank of Qatar

The Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ) is a private sector bank operating in Qatar since 1975. The bank offers a range of products and services across retail, and corporate banking divisions.

The new brand was built on a bold brand promise ‘everything is possible’, representing the fast growing and dynamic economy in Qatar, and a commitment to the banking customer of giving them the best possible experience. The new brand colours represent the 24 hour service of the bank – dawn, day, dusk and night.

I was asked to consolidate and improve their dual-language banking forms for both internal and external use. The new brand colours and graphic were integrated, thus bringing the new vibrant brand into an otherwise uninspiring part of the back office paperwork. The result was a more seamless and integrated design, providing a clear and simple colour coded layout for the banking customer to use.

A set of form guidelines was produced to specify all the principles in detail.