CPL Aromas

CPL Aromas is a world leading family-owned fragrance house that produces fragrances for use in fine fragrance, household and personal care products. They are approached by the world’s top brands to translate their creative vision into fragrances.

The new brand was crafted around the proposition ‘we create fragrances that ignite the imagination’. An integral challenge of the new identity was finding a way to encapsulate the matter of fragrance into design. The solution was a colourful gradient and an angled graphic device, deriving from the spray angle of a diffusion bottle.  

At Industry Branding, I was responsible for creating their packaging range. A premium range with gift bags and boxes was created to supply to luxury brands, as well as a range for their distribution centres to ship fragrance samples to household and personal care brands. The packaging takes full advantage of the brand colour, gradient and angled device. The principle is a corner-to-corner design, which applies to all shapes and sizes, from top left to bottom right. From the precise paper engineering of the packaging down to the luxurious feel of the soft-touch laminate, the packaging needed to comply with their factory expectations and restrictions as well as appeal to high-end brands.