International Commission Against the Death Penalty

The International Commission against the Death Penalty was founded in 2012. It is a non-governmental organisation that connects directly with Heads of Nations to garner support.

While at Industry Branding, I was asked to create ICDP’s first annual review, documenting their achievements, with content written by award-winning journalist Angela Robson. As this was the organisation’s first report it was essential that the document showcase who ICDP is and what they have achieved. A significant design challenge was to find a compelling but non-challenging way of presenting the argument against the death penalty in an appropriate way for the circles in which ICDP operates.

ICDP asked us to establish a design precedent that could evolve with the years, creating a consistent look and feel in line with the brand. The design showcases the accomplishments of ICDP by breaking down complex information into infographics, making the data easier to absorb, and with a higher impact. The choice of photography illustrates the activities of the organisation and the environments where their work has had a positive impact. This, coupled with a refined, subtle design appeals in a non-provocative, yet powerful way that is suited to the target audience.